Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Are you from London mate!!!

While I was still in Europe I applied for my UK visa through an Immigration Company. Their services were extremely poor so I eventually got John to call them, because I'm not very good in the angry department! They even failed to book me an appointment at the Consulate so I just did it myself and received my visa within 2 working days!  Still not sure why I paid so much money for their incompetent services, but they can be lucky because I was so excited when I got my visa I totally forgot that I wanted to sue them!!!

14 October 2011 I arrived in London!!! 

When I got to the border control the officer looked at me as if I was an illegal immigrant. He hit me with the 20 questions... Who are you visiting, where does he work, where does he live, do you have enough money to support your 6 month holiday, do you have a return flight??? I was shaking like a rattle snake and stuttering with fear. After 10 minutes of interrogation, he finally let me enter the United Kingdom!

I was so nervous to see John. Because we see each other so seldom, I sometimes have to take a moment to remind myself that he is my boyfriend! My legs were shaking as he approached me at the airport. He looked so handsome! Just a hug from him is indescribable.
We took the train to Woking, which is south-west of London. This would be my new home. I arrived on a beautiful sunny day although it was 12 C, which is quite warm for London, but I was shivering, due to the fact that I skipped winter and just had an amazing summer in the Med - this was definitely something I didn't want to get used to!

As we arrived in Woking we stopped at Starbucks for a coffee and walked home. Our house was only a 10 minute walk from the station. John was sharing with his cousin Hayley, her partner James and there adorable newborn son, Xavier.

I unpacked and we went for a lovely lunch at the Bridge Barn next to the river. So good to finally be in London!!!

My first pub lunch!

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