Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My first day out in London


Waking up in London was such an incredible feeling! We went for a early morning run and then got ready for a day out in London town!! 
We took the train to Waterloo where we hopped onto a Borris bike and cycled to the Borough Market. It was all a surprise to me! John planned everything! 

Amazeballs is the word I will use to describe the Borough Market.  It might just be the most amazing food market I have been to.  We had to ride the wave of people to get through the market. There may have been some shoving and silent curses as you’re shuffled from one end to the other of the market. 
There were vendors for everything from homely sausage, seafood, cooked food to even foie gras.

We started the day off with a delicious Mocha at The Rabot Estate - Chocolate heaven

Kappacasein is the stall that amazed me the most.  They actually sell potatoes with melted cheese in addition to their toasted cheese sandwiches made from Montgomery cheddar, onions, leeks and garlic on Poilâne sourdough, which are known to be the best toasted cheese in the whole of Britain. It was incredible to watch them heat up this giant block of Ogleshield cheese and then scrape it onto baby gherkins, pickled onions and potatoes also known as raclette. I would never eat it, just because I am a bit of a health snob, but the queues for this grilled cheese delicacy clearly showed I was missing out on some greasy goodness!

John enjoying a Confit Duck Sandwich


London impressed me from the moment I arrived (besides the interrogation part, of course). Around every corner there is something so special, wether it be an antique shop, road market, china town or a michelin star restaurant. There is so much more beauty to discover! 

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