Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Our first Two Week charter. I literally was dreading this day would come. Not because of the work, but spending 2 weeks with these demanding russians on a boat was rather exhausting, especially with the kids on board.  It was the boss' wife's birthday and he wanted to spend it in Capri. So we did a 7 hour crossing to the beautiful Capri.
I was so sea sick, I struggled to serve them breakfast on the first day. Even the poor wife was sick on her own birthday!

Capri is an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea on the south side of the Gulf of Naples.  The main town on the island shares the name. 
Features of the island are the Marina Piccola (the little harbour), the Belvedere of Tragara (a high panoramic promenade lined with villas), the limestone crags called sea stacks that project above the sea, the town of Anacapri, the Blue Grotto, and the ruins of the Imperial Roman villas. 
I tried to incorporate every island, town or country's traditional food into my menu wherever we went. On this island I discovered what real tomatoes taste like as well as the peaches. The local produce is incredible. We were here during August so it was very hot and fresh fish, sweet watermelons, Caprese Salads and limoncello was the way to go. 

We stayed here for 4 days. The boss rented a whole restaurant out for the family for his wife's birthday celebration. There was also a fire work display worth 25 000 euros. The crew watched it from the yacht at 12 o'clock!! 

The Port

We would drop anchor here during the day.  I sent my mom this picture, and she replied immediately saying this is where she lost the diamond necklace my dad gave her, which was worth 3 months of his army salary.

The Blue Grotto
 Diving here is a must! So beautiful!

Every morning I would get fresh fish at the market. They had such a wide selection of seafood. On the second last day the fish monger (young guy with eyes as blue as the water) asked me out on a date! I quickly explained to him that we were leaving that day and I wouldn't be able to. His English was as good as my Italian "picollo"!!!

Just my luck I ran out of seafood and needed for the next days lunch. I couldn't go back to the market because then Roberto would know I lied to him.  Fortunately that night I saw a fishing boat come into port and asked if they had any fresh fish. I hopped onto the smelly tank and  experienced the true fisherman lifestyle. They ate the raw prawns to explain to me how good they are. I got 2kg of langostines and declined the raw eating experience as I am allergic to crustaceans and eating a raw prawn would not end my day very well!!
Capri was amazing and I was very sad to leave. I still have to go back to find my mom's diamond necklace!!!

We didn't have any free time here so I couldn't take many photographs.
 Next stop the Island of Ischia.

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