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3 September 2011

John's birthday was coming up and I thought celebrating it in Tuscany would be perfect. I booked all the hotels and did the planning. All he had to do is fly to Milan. 
I took the 5 hour train ride from San Remo to Milan. Booked into the hotel and strolled the streets of the fashion capital. I ended up at a little restaurant and ordered a glass of vino and read my Italian Vogue, waiting in anticipation.
John arrived just after 10 pm. It was so hot and he was wearing a suit. All I can remember is how ridiculously good looking he looked!! This was John's first time in Italy.

We went strolling through the streets, looking for a restaurant because both of us were starving. We shared our first Italian pizza and drank delicious red wine from the region. He then surprised me with a gorgeous pair of diamond earnings.

Espresso in Milan before we catch the train to Florence

Eurostar to Florence

We arrived in Florence and got a very warm welcome from our hotel receptionist. Got to love the Italians!  Florence is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo)

Statue of David
We did see the original statue at the Gallery but were not allowed to take any photographs. I never expected the statue to be so large and was truly amazed by the intricate detail of this piece of art. 

We celebrated John's 24th birthday with a bottle of Vintage 2002 Dom Perignon

Piazzale Michelangelo


We then hopped on to a train and went to Pisa.

The view from our hotel room

Had a very eventful ride. We didn't follow the map and got lost in the alleys. It was hilarious. Not long after lightning struck and we got rained on.

Sopping wet from the storm!!!

Typical Italian anti pasti - Melon and Parma Ham 

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

After an incredible weekend in Tuscany, we had to say our good bye's once again! I went back to Nice and John went back to London.

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  1. Diamond Earings and Vintage Dom Perignon, what happened to Street-clip-on's and Papsak? Hahahaa, kidding, what a brilliant celebration. Didn't know you had a Blog? Loved this entry, keep it up Shell. Now do some step-by-step "How to make tiramisu" or something!