Tuesday, 10 April 2012


In the southern most district of North West Italy, where the mountains meet the sea, in a region called Liguria, can be found the valley Nervia. The valley moves up from the sea roughly north and as it rises, you go on a journey through history, taking in the many villages dotted along the river as it runs down to the shore, one of the most important of which, not least for its historical past and a wealth of artistic treasures, is Pigna, named for the coniferous forests that once surrounded the village in abundance.

The ancient village clings to the slopes of the valley mimicking the shape of the pine cones that give it its name. Situated beneath the Little Dolomites, it rests under the watchful eye of Monte Torraggio 1973 meters above sea level.
After 10 days with guests on board, we were knackered and decided to hit the spa in Pigna.


 Pigna Spa

 After relaxing at the Spa we went to the best pizzeria in the village and waited 2 hours for them to light the wood oven. Worth the wait. This pizza and local white wine was delicious.

Limoncello for dessert

After lunch we went for a walk through the alleyways, known as "chibi".

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