Friday, 2 March 2012

Bye bye papillon...

From a young age my parents always told my brother and I that we should travel and go overseas by ourselves. They travelled frequently and always left us behind. I could never understand the meaning of this, why could we not join them...

Sometimes parents have obscured reasons for their actions, well at least that is what we used to think. But now as I am older I am very grateful for their reasoning. I have been fortunate enough to make my dream come alive. Now I can appreciate the beauty of traveling and actually remember everything I have experienced thus far.

Today a year ago I was planning my first overseas trip. Ecstatic and scared at the same time.  I studied cheffing at ICA in Stellenbosch for 3 years. After graduating I got offered the opportunity to work as the Head chef at a very well known catering co. in Constantia. My partner, John and I moved into a little flat in Cape Town facing Table Mountain.  It was great but I was working so hard we hardly saw each other.  After a year in the mother city I decided it was time to spread my wings.  It was a hard decision, as I was leaving him behind, but I knew I had to do it. I promised myself I would travel whilst I was still young and free. And with the great support from John, my family and friends I made it happen.

Why am I only writing now? I am not sure. I guess I just had a fantastic year and would like to share everything I absorbed and experienced during my journey.  Most of all it is the cherished memories I can keep forever in my heart and soul.

This is me at Cape Town International Airport with my K-Way Bag (proper backpacker)!!!!
First Flight to Amterdam, Netherlands.

One of my good friends, Anna-Marie and her mother were on the same flight as me, so we were fortunate enough to sit next to each other on the plane, which was a lot of fun!
I flew with Emirates so we stopped over at Dubai Airport. Anna and her mom were late for their connecting flight to London so they raced to their boarding gate and I had 4 hours at the Dubai Airport.  Obviously I was flabbergasted at the size. WOW!!! I had my first cup of Starbucks Coffee, so good!!
So finally after entertaining myself with all the latest perfumes, Mac make-up, magazines, bling-bling etc. (one can only do that much at a airport), it was time to board! Holland here I come!!!

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