Monday, 26 March 2012


We drove to Genova to finally see the new yacht. Our Russian owner's bought a brand new Azimut 103 SL. Check out for a virtual tour. 

All the way from Miami on a Sea Express together with several other motor yachts. The weather was not perfect for a sea trial, but we were all so excited to see the beauty! My galley was a sight - latest Miele oven, touch screen flat top, fridge, microwave and an air-con (thank goodness)!

 Time laps - yachts reversing off the Sea Express into the ocean

 Sea Express


Richard, Me, Nick
Cold and tired!
After a long wait, it was our turn to get off the Sea Express and test Stormbringer. Genova is known for its strange weather conditions and resulted into a very rough ride for us, and sea sickness for me!

Vlad getting ready for Sea trial
Crew: Nick (First Mate), Tanya (Stewardess), Vlad (Captain), Demetri (Manager), Michele (Chef)

First meal cooked in the new galley. I had to make use of foil trays because we had no kitchen appliances yet. We also had to stand and eat!

Chicken pieces in spicy tomato sauce, roasted potato wedges with rosemary and a garden salad. 

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