Wednesday, 7 March 2012


After a week and a half in Cannes we had to move to a new berth. I was sad because it was great working close to Mark, but I was very excited to see a new place. At this stage my deck-hand skills had improved a bit!  I was always on fender duty, making sure the boats don't touch as we park or leave a berth. It sounds simple, but sometimes a little fender can save a boat from great damage.

Villeneuve-Loubet was our new home. It lies between Cagnes-sur-Mern and Antibes. Avery small and old French village.

The port is surrounded by apartments in the shape of Pyramids.

After I served dinner to the crew I went for a run to explore the village. I made the mistake of going along the beach, because it was a pebble beach. Coming from South Africa we are so spoilt with out long coasts of soft sea sand, not rocks!

 Roller blading on the promenade

The French like their rollerblades

Cocktails at the port

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