Tuesday, 6 March 2012

St. Tropez

Early morning routine: Run to the boulangerie and get all the pastries for breakfast. Eggs on order.  Girls went out for shopping and came back with their Chanel bags! Engines on, we ready to leave for St.Tropez. I was so excited, my first trip! Now the challenge was to not get sea sick!

When we arrived a taxi was waiting for the guests and took them to Club 55 - a very posh restaurant in St. Tropez.
On a typical summer day, the traffic heading down the one-way-street to Club 55 is most intolerable. Bumper-to-bumper Bentley's and open-top Ferrari's reveal platinum bombshells in their bikini best. They arrive to a thick-forest of overgrown bamboo surrounding a typically Provencal beach bungalow with white canopies and lavish beach club jetting all the way to the Mediterranean. A wooden pier extends into the water, luring star-studded occupants away from their mega-yachts parked offshore and into the land of the fabulous. No matter how famous or well known, guests should expect to fight for prime lounger near the water that command 100-Euro in high season and promises of endless Cristal-ordering. More modest types may prefer a simple lunch within the main dining room, offering all the views of the elite with a more digestible price tag. 

So while the guests were indulging on tuna carpaccio, breaded calamari and Beluga Caviar, tanya and I went strolling through the village. I was dead tired but had to go explore. I got more fresh berries and went to a beautiful patisserie where I got the traditional Tarte Tropezienne.

According to the traditional recipe, a Trop√©zienne is prepared with brioche, French pastry cream and butter cream. The ingredients which compose this pastry are relatively simple: eggs, flour, powdered milk and butter. Delicious! 

When the guests returned they had brought a few goodies along with them. Foie gras, truffle infused brie, matured parmesan, different varieties of charcuterie such as salami and Parma ham and a lovely mango confit, together with a bottle of Rose Crystal. Total 300 euros. So I prepared a delicious cheese board with all the goodies.

The guests were meant to have dinner in Cannes that same night so I hadn't prepared anything for dinner. They partied up a storm as we were cruising back to Cannes and decided not to go out for dinner anymore. I had 2 hours to prepare a stylish dinner. I grafted so hard I hadn't even realised the boat was moving! 
We arrived at Cannes in the dark and then I had to help out on deck as usual to park the boat.
Once we parked and everyone was having so much fun, dancing and singing to their crazy russian music i was plating up the first course.

Dinner Menu

Thai prawn and avocado tian served with a caesar dressing

Grilled Beef Fillet with garlic pomme puree and seasonal greens

Chocolate duo - Chocolate torte with chocolate and espresso ice cream

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