Thursday, 8 March 2012

Emtia & LieLie

My dearest friends, Emtia and Lielie were on a Euro trip and kindly made a stop-over in the French Riviera for 3 days. I was so excited to see my putas!
After work I got a ride with our engineer to Juan les Pins and knocked at their hotel door. We went for a walk towards Antibes and then had dinner at a French bistro, the cheapest of course, as they were travelers on a budget. We shared a bottle of red wine and nibbled on pizza and pasta. I stayed over at their hotel and caught the early train back to work the next morning.

 Juan les Pins Promenade 

The next evening we met up in Antibes and I took the girls to The Blue Lady pub. The Blue Lady is one of the most popular "yachty" pubs. If dock walking doesn't work then networking with a beer in your hand is the next option. Our engineer, Rodney was there and bought us a round of drinks!

Flat breads and hummus for dinner

Got some sweets for the ride home

The public transport once again disappointed us and we had to walk from Antibes to Juan les Pins. It is a quick ride, but when it's dark and you don't really have a cooking clue where to go, the walk might turn out into a disaster. We laughed so much, we got lost on the high way and had to turn around. We decided to follow the train tracks and ended up in a dodgy neighborhood. We strolled upon an old lady walking her dog at 12 o'clock at night who couldn't speak a word of english. With sign language she explained to us where to go. I'm still not sure how we managed to understand her, but we eventually made it back to the hotel in one piece. 

Stuck on the high way

On the last day together, the girls came to Villeneuve Loubet and I gave them a tour of the yacht. We then took a bus to the hotel and enjoyed our french dinner together with the papsak lielie brought from SA. One baguette, parma ham, basil pesto, a head of summer crisp lettuce, balsamic vinegar and soft piece of brie cheese all the way from Monaco.

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