Tuesday, 6 March 2012

First Charter...

Rise and shine, the big day has arrived! Early morning start at 4am. I started with the canapes. At 7am I visited the fish market and got all the fresh fruits de mer. The total amount came to 300 euros. The owners were meant to arrive at 1pm so at 12h i rushed to Saki to collect the sushi. It was 35 C and I'm running down the street towards the port with two platters of sushi in my hands. When I got to the boat, I had to shower quickly and put on my face. I was so nervous. I sent a bowl of strawberries along so that the owners could nibble on that while they were driving from the airport.

Fortunately they were behind schedule and I still had time to shuck a few oysters. So finally they arrived in the limousine, my heart is racing. Tanya and I welcomed them on the half deck. Vlad took their luggage to their rooms and then the magic started. Just as I expected, Russian bling-bling millionaires.

It was the owner's wife's birthday and she brought her closest girlfriends along. I tried to greet them in Russian bust forgot what to say so just smiled! The crystal champagne flowed and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun! Shine time for me...lunch is served.
Bon a petite!

Lunch menu:

Cananpes on arrival:
Smoked salmon on blinis with creme fraiche and rocket
Borscht served in shot glasses with sour cream and fennel
Grilled prawn on skewers with a lemon mayo
Spicy chicken on corn fritters with guacamole and salsa
Fresh oysters with red wine vinegar dressing


Grilled prawns with lemon mayo
Lobster tails with mango salsa
Grilled cob with lemon parsley sauce
Seared Norwegian Salmon with teriyaki sauce and fresh coriander
Steamed mussels in a curry coconut foam
Scallops wrapped in parma ham

Caprese Salad
Shrimp and plum salad
Garden Salad



Lemon tart served with fresh berries and creme fraiche

Great success! They were very happy with their first lunch. They actually said they want to take me to Russia and open a restaurant called "Michele's"! The wife said to me in her broken English, "Sank you Michele, your food is beautiful!"

Grilled prawn skewers with a lemon mayo

Spicy chicken on corn fritter with guacamole and salsa

Smoked salmon on blinis with creme fraiche and rocket

Lemon tart served with fresh berries and creme fraiche

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