Saturday, 31 March 2012

Russian Bling-Bling

The first charter on Stormbringer was around the corner. We had a few weeks to prepare the boat for the owners. I was fortunate enough to stock the galley with the creme de la creme of kitchen equipment - Kitchen Aid Mixer, Espuma gun, Miele Hand blenders, etc. No budget is every chef's dream!
Grafting for a month straight with no off days, shopping until 10 at night, sanding decks, polishing glass and windows, hovering in every little corner, crew uniforms, stocking the galley. It had to be perfect!

We hadn't met the new owners before so no one really knew what to expect. All we knew is that they are Russian billionaires who build all the high ways in Moscow and St. Petersburg. They don't speak a word of english and are obviously high maintenance. This would be the first time Velerie (owner) would see his yacht, as he purchased the $12, 000 000 Azimut online.

Every time before a charter I would do a BIG shop and make sure I have enough dry stock, fresh fruit and vegetables which I kept in the bilge. The seafood I would get from the fish market on the day of their arrival. The owner's arrived with friends so there were 6 guests in total. We cruised from San Remo to St. Tropez.

Menu on arrival:
13 May 2011

Prawn Skewers served with lemon mayo
Smoked salmon with creme fraiche on blinis
Chicken springrolls with sweet chili jam
Thyme risotto balls
Chilled asparagus soup in shot glasses with truffle foam

Lobster, cucumber, fresh orange, cherry tomato & red onion, honey mustard & orange dressing, asparagus & truffle mousse & micro greens

Grilled Beef Fillet with fine beans and crack black pepper jus

Warm chocolate truffle, poached pear stuffed with white chocolate and pistachio ice cream

Sainte-Marguerite Islands

After serving the guests lunch, I would sneak out the galley to take a few pics

Nick helping me brulee

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