Monday, 26 March 2012

San Remo


After our long stay in Monaco we moved to San Remo, Italy. My first time in Italy!! Exciting is an understatement!!!

San Remo is a city on the Mediterranean coast of western Linguria in North-western Italy. Best known for its tourist destinations on the Italian Riviera. It hosts numerous cultural events such as the Musical Festival and the Milan-San Remo cycling classic.

We got into port at lunch time, so I served the crew and head out to explore (my usual routine). Exactly how I imagined it to be, old and classic.
Little nonna's and nonno's on the street drinking their espressos; amazing aromas of home-made gnocchi, ravioli, risotto and polenta con umido - the gastric juices are flowing!!
I stopped at a restaurant on the beach, sitting on the deck with the wind in my hair and had my first official Italian espresso. Magnifico!

View of the city 

Later that day I went for a run. The beauty of Europe is the cycling and running paths. They build separate roads for the fit and active. San Remo has an incredible promenade that stretches for miles. Brilliant for running and cycling!

 Delicious strawberry daiquiri.
Canapes are served with every round of drinks. So on some nights this would be our dinner! 

San Remo VIP music lounge. The menus are like Ipads, it glows! Had a glass of champagne, 12 Euros each.
My lama friend, Tina!! I got chased away from security!!!

Working on a yacht, there are the rare occasions of making use of all the toys, if your captain allows it! Sigi, nick and I would take the tender out for a cruise and watch the sun set.

 San Remo Sun Set

 Sanctuarium - Notre Dame 

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